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JUNG von MATT, Stuttgart / BIG-FM / 2007

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Big Bucks Bill – a rude, tasteless white-trash pimp. We invented him and we invented a game: Bill will pay your bills if you can convince him on the phone. First, we launched Bill’s private website and gave him profiles on hundreds of web-pages (e.g. myspace, blogger, ebay). He left outrageous photos and politically incorrect comments in other guestbooks. As people caught on, we let bigFM “discover” Bill as their new star. The on-air show started. In addition a gaming site was launched, were people can take revenge on Bill and can practise for their calls with a unique text-to-speech editor.


After only eight weeks 36% of the target group in the bigFM transmission-area know the new star. Big Bucks Bills’ prompted recall within the bigFM listeners reached even 60%.

In the same time more than 300.000 page visits to the gaming site took place. Over 120.000 new and unique users were registered. bigFM also received thousands of inbound calls for the on-air game – each call generating revenue, while only 50.000 Euros of prize money had to be paid out. The campaign became talk of the town and of the web – and the most successful on- and off-air bigFM campaign so far.

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