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P&G India’s CSR programme, P&G Shiksha has helped build and support 1800 schools which will impact the lives of 1.4 million children. But even with all that progress, there are still 13,500 Indian villages* without a school, and 84 million* children still dreaming for an education.

So the challenge was to communicate to consumers about the importance of acting now and helping these millions of children with no access to education. Giving these consumers a chance to change lives with a simple P&G purchase. As when they choose P&G products, proceeds from every sale go towards building and supporting schools in villages that don’t have one.

Source* (http://www.newindianexpress.com/thesundaystandard/2018/sep/16/13500-villages-in-india-dont-have-schools-1872440.html)

Source* https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/still-too-many-children-out-of-school/article24857149.ece


The heart-warming story of Bittu was crafted together with traditional Indian folk music - baul. Since as early as the 15th century, baul was the music that gave voice to the neglected, and the story of Bittu now represents a modern day folklore for the 84 million children deprived of basic education.

Traditional baul instruments such as the Iktara, Dotara, Dupki were used to recreate this modern day folklore on education. The lyrics whisper the heart of an old man, and tell how he’s happy returning to his childhood again as he gets a chance to go to a school for the first time.

The soul stirring music used for the film carries the influence of the remote areas of Bengal. It brings out the regional touch that a film set in a remote corner of India needed.


Our campaign aims to talk to the Tier 1 of India, inspiring them to add intent to their everyday purchase as when they buy P&G products, they support P&G Shiksha in making education accessible for millions of Indian children.

We do this with a heart-warming story of a 80-year-old man school for the first time, which reflects the reality of millions of children in remote corners of India - who keep dreaming about quality education all their life.

The campaign takes the emotional message of #DontLetDreamsWait to the people in cities, and communicates the impact their everyday purchase can, and has made to the lives of millions of children. Keeping the TIER 1 audience in mind, the film was launched on YouTube, OTT platforms such as Hotstar , WhatsApp along with Movie Theatres and other social channels of Shiksha. With the intent to gain maximum visibility.


Shiksha is an annual campaign for P&G and it was live for two months – May and June. The campaign was planned for a 360-degree implementation with touch points across trade, media, influencers, trials and employee engagement. P&G Shiksha was the first CSR campaign to execute across the two largest e-commerce players – Flipkart and Amazon with 25 lakh worth free visibility gained for e-commerce media. Visibility for P&G Shiksha executed across 5500 general trade stores, 500 modern retail outlets and 400 defence canteens. In addition to this, a week long employee engagement activity was executed for all P&G employees.


The campaign garnered a reach of 150MM with 105MM views. 99% of the engagement for the campaign was positive with 71% conversation being around the campaigns core message -education access for all. P&G Shiksha's brand awareness reached 70% with this campaign and purchase intent uplift for the P&G brands averaged at 13% across brands. Brand association went up from 3 brands being recalled to 5 brands being recalled in the campaign. The video also saw a 2x completion rate vs. average long format videos. 50+ celebrities posted for P&G Shiksha pro-bono, with 3+ A list celebrities featuring in this list. 30MM impressions garnered through PR for P&G Shiksha.

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