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BBDO PUERTO RICO, Guaynabo / MARS / 2019

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Pedigree is the #1 global dog food brand and #1 brand in the region.

Puerto Rico is facing strong headwinds due to macro tendencies that affect most industries, but pet in particular due to affordability issues are driven by the economic depression and further fiscal measures in 2019, as well as immigration and HH occupation which may directly impact pet ownership, in general, slowing down the category for the past 2 + years (short term continuous improvement with decrease rate cut by almost half)

Our local production budgets are usually really smalls because of the size of the market and the brand guidelines which designates the majority of it to media placement costs.

For that reason, our country biggest challenge is to find innovative ways to produce local content and/or assets in order to generate local consumer engagement.


We found an opportunity in a huge amount of dogs (5000) waiting to be adopted in shelters. Most of them will be put to sleep if no one adopts them in a 2 month period. We wanted to show how amazing and adopted dog can be for human life.

We placed an experience in 4D theaters that makes people feel exactly as Cynthia, a blind woman guided for 6 years by an adopted mutt dog.

During all the fun and colors of 4D commercial spots, the theater goes pitch black.

4D effects and sounds keep on going for 30 ss, while the screen is still black.

Suddenly super appears:

For Cynthia, this is what it feels like to walk the street

Good thing she has Pía

An adopted mutt that has been guiding her 6 years.

(Visual: A blind woman, walking guided with a very small mutt dog)


Dog owners and potential owners 18+ target

Reinforce our main media with alternate channels to gain awareness in short periods, including new pillars that support the main brand message.

High penetration channels combined with alternate media, to help us drive the attention in a fast way and segmentation of our audience.


The spot aired 144 times in the all 4D theaters available in Puerto Rico for a month (3/21/2019 to 4/24/2019).

A full story video was posted online and geolocated near theaters.


15% more dogs have been adopted since the campaign launch.

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