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In Japanese TV broadcasting, sponsors cannot plan and create shows, but only the TV broadcasters can plan and create shows.

In addition, TV as mass media entertainment, TV broadcasters can not create TV shows that are limited to certain viewers; like limited only to people who own smartphones, even if that's what sponsors want.

In addition, TV broadcasters always want to avoid any trouble especially during live TV shows, so they never think to leave the main contents of shows up to the viewers. That's one of reason why there are less audience ratings and which results in less TV sponsors these days. However, TV still should have a big effect on adverting if we shift it to being more about viewers participation, so we came up with the idea of using a game on the show.


We made a presentation to the TV broadcaster in Feb. 2013 and we purchased 1hr time frame of TV show. Many different industries including Sony agreed our new idea and supported us in different way, so we could implemented many new aspects on the show such as giving Points for shopping to viewer's smartphone in real-time during the show or interactive product replacement. On June 15, 2013, Bloody Tube was broadcast live in Japan.


We got attention from TV industry and all 6 major TV broadcasters in Japan offered us for another collaborating TV show with smartphone. So far, we've done more than 30 TV programs and shows are various; Real-time voting, Film social, Quiz show, Bookmaker, Love match, and Game.

The sponsors are also very happy because we send $10 Points for shopping managed by the sponsors to winners' smartphone during the show, then 70% of them registered for new membership within 30min after the show by smartphone. The viewers enjoyed the real-time interactive with TV x Smartphone.

Bloody Tube was the only first step, but this new interactive system has possibility to change TV & Smartphone entertainment of all over the world.

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