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BASCULE, Tokyo / BASCULE INC. / 2014

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In order to persuade TV broadcasters the possibility of interactive TV show and to let TV viewers to experience new fun entertainment, we invented new interactive TV platform called Massive Interactive Entertainment System "M.I.E.S." by ourselves.

Each technology component was existing, however, combining those systems was not simple, so we are proud that only our team who has both interactive technology and creative skills could make it possible. We believe this is first innovation in the world. There is Second Screen system these days so you may be able to do similar thing watching TV with mobile device, but that is actually just online or SNS, but our system, the massive data from millions of smartphone can be synchronized with LIVE TV Show in real-time and the interactive communication has to be mutual at all the time during the show because everything reflect on both screen in real-time.

Our concern was if M.I.E.S. can be worked with the existing broadcasting system, but because technical support from the TV broadcaster, we could do technical verification without problem. M.I.E.S has been officially released, and used in many various type of live TV shows.

As direction of show, we used our interactive creative skills from website adverting experience. In a meanwhile, we challenged new advertising way such as Interactive commercial and "On-air to Online to Offline" method.

We can manage millions of viewers at this point, but we are improving to be able to manage tens millions people to be ready for national TV program.

It's been all our fee, but we are now considering funds from outside for further challenge.


Our long-term goal is to create Live entertainment for worldwide, like people all over the world watch Olympic on Live TV and enjoy with our system through Smartphone at same time. We want everyone to experience it because it's more cool than you hear it.

We don't sell it now but if that help our further challenge, we might sell it to TV broadcasters.

TV industry paid attention and all 6 major TV broadcasters in Japan offered us for another TV show. So far, we've done more than 30 TV programs and shows are various; Voting, Film social, Quiz, Bookmaker, Love match, and Game. We also proved the alternative way of advertising income for TV broadcasters other than TV commercial.

Sponsors paid attention because 70% of viewers who received shopping Points registered for new membership within 30min. (The Points system is managed by the sponsor), so we also prove new way of effective advertising for sponsors.

The viewers voice were spread on SNS, so some of shows, we achieved million people's participation. Electronic manufacturers also agreed on this new movement.

Therefore, M.I.E.S has positive effectiveness for everyone, and the possibility go beyond all over the world.

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