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BMW M Series - The Hunt

P.I.G. CHINA, Shanghai / BMW / 2016

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In the online video, we used hologram to simulate the prey of the M vehicle in curves and most

incisively shown its performance and controlling. In 6 days after the video launch, there are over

6 million views on, and there are over 49 million exposures all over the Internet.


From the extremely difficult situation to do everything live onset, the position of the car has to line up, based on the camera angle, with the real car to do rehearsal and lead to the driving precisions. There are actual light projecting into the race track, with more a soft light to allow the projection further developped in post to sit in perfectly. We shoot every single element that has an actual,physical interaction with our hero car such as LED lighting, projections, smoke, water and particles for real, wide / establishing shots in order to tweak the look ofthe racing track a notchwhich help enable us to make our final result absolutely believable and most importantly 100% REAL. We’re surgically PERFECTING the reality and elevating our film to the next level - which is nothing short from being a truly impressive & riveting viewing experience.

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