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BMW S 1000 RR

SERVICEPLAN, Munchen / BMW / 2011

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The planet power campaign was launched across all media-channels. From print to outdoor-billboards, from radio to TV, from ambient to – most importantly – the internet. For each medium, we adapted the campaign’s central thought in an appropriate way: With the S 1000 RR the world feels more intense, more extreme and more powerful. In the different media-channels we brought this thought to life by creating the Planet Power.


In our print ads, the S 1000 RR’s power was brought to life through hyper real warping backgrounds, showing how this kind of power feels.

In one of the fastest radio ads ever, the bike was depicted as a gun-shot, expressing it’s unbelievable speed.

On TV we created a powerful film, in which professional racer Ruben Xaus, took us to the racetrack.

We even produced a planet power energy-drink to show how Planet Power tastes.Most importantly, though, we started a viral internet-campaign with a short film, which we uploaded onto YouTube. In the table trick experiment the S 1000 RR yanked a tablecloth out from under a beautiful place setting without destroying it. The campaign was implemented across all the different media-channels simultaneously. This way it reached a wide audience of motorcycle riders and brought them to the Planet Power community at


The combination of edgy classical and involving internet-advertising measures was a great success. The S 1000 RR gained high media coverage in various countries worldwide, being discussed by hundreds of blogs and websites and in numerous TV-Shows.

BMW Motorrad’s market share rose to an all time high of 20% – and that in an overall falling market. Their superbike market share became three times as high as was expected: 22% instead of expected 7%, gaining market leadership in the first year. The demand was so high that the bike even went out of stock. Surveys prove that never before have so many young motorbike riders considered buying a BMW Motorbike or had such a positive opinion of the brand.

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