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Brahma is the is the best-selling beer in Argentina. The light beer leading in the easy drinking segment, known as the one to drink when you hang out with friends.

In a context where the category is sophisticated, where beers of delight gained the editorial space, differentiation remained a challenge.

On 2018, after 18 years, the brand decided to changed the whole visual brand identity. Under the mission of defending and growing on it’s segment, this was an opportunity to refresh it’s outdated image (vs others market players) and call consumers to choose Brahma again as a quality product.

The main goal was to communicate the new visual identity of the brand and its relaunch in an impactful way. On the basis already built of gatherings and friends, and always under the simple, fun and witty tone of Brahma, we needed to start to build product credentials.


The campaign was born with a very clear challenge: we already had Brahma’s new image everywhere, on its labels, bottles, cans and merch. We wanted to take it a little further, where it haven’t been before: the skin of it’s followers.

During the year, we had pictures of people who had tattoos of the brand. And now that there was a new visual identity those tattoos were outdated so we went looking for them. We called out for all those who at some time had already tattooed Brahma to make them an original proposal: renew their tattoos with the new image.

We contacted @lulens, one of the most influential tattooist on Instagram in Argentina and picked together a tattoo to be covered with Brahma’s new visual guidelines.

We also created design templates for those who wanted take it to their tattoo artist.


We found through social listening and community management that several users were sending us their branded tattoos. When we learned Brahma was renewing it’s visual identity, this became key for the branding campaign. Our core target were millennials 18-24 y/o (Legal drinking age) and the secondary target 35-50 y/o.

We used social media to boost Alejandro’s story but also to enlightened brand’s love by giving away designs for users to create their own tattoos.


The campaign lasted a month and a half and was a 100% digital campaign. We created mobile-first main immersive content. This piece documented Alejandro’s tattoo story, coverage and results with the new visual brand image. We also generated snack content that would help us gain visibility in users’ feeds.

We worked with each channels’ features to create the most compelling content suited for each platform. Users could access our website to download Brahma tattoo designs with free rights. We created stickers for stories so users could try their own Brahma tattoos in their pictures.

We also teamed up with @lulens to give the initiative visibility but also relate the brand to a cool and aspirational personality.


96% positive social listening.

60% reach on target.

We were chosen as Facebook Lighthouse.

Ad Recall: +12* (improved ad recall vs stage 1 of the year)

Affinity: +7* (also got 2 Lift points more than stage 1)

Uniqueness in core target (18-24 y/o): +8 pts.

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