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AFRICA, Sao Paulo / AB INBEV / 2014

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Brazil is recognized for being the country of soccer. A country that reveals stars to the world like Pele, Romario, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. In 2014, FIFA's World Cup returned to the country after more than 60 years. Brahma, official sponsor of the World Cup and Brazilian National team, needed a campaign to strengthen its link with the Brazil's team, increase awareness and boost sales. Our strategy was create a special project to show that its passion was much more than talk. It was in its essence. So, we've created Brahma Selecao Especial, the first beer with barley planted, grown and harvested at the Training Center of Brazil national soccer team: Granja Comary. A limited edition comes to life from this sacred soil, with the history of our national team as its main ingredient. And also with the coach of Brazil's squad, Luiz Felipe Scolari (Felipao), as ambassador.


A video telling the entire project was launched first on Brahma's Facebook Page. Our official website has become the hub of project with all details about Granja Comary, plantation timeline, premium barley and staff. So fans could follow this story in details. Day by day, grain by grain. We also promoted people’s interaction with the barley plantation and staff on social media channels. 2014 numbered special kits were made available exclusively to this audience. So we transformed our followers into brand advocates generating word-of-mouth even before the product launch.


A video telling the entire project was launched with a website and was the 7th most viewed commercial in Brazil on the first month. We created a launch only for our social media followers with 2014 numbered special kits and sold out in less than a week. Selecao Especial attracted the attention of the media before the beggining of World Cup generating more than 800,000 dollar in spontaneous media and 150,000 shares on social networks. Approximately 2 million bottles were selling when the product hit the stores, a huge success for AB-Inbev.

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