Cannes Lions

Ride for Peace

AFRICA, Sao Paulo / AB INBEV / 2017


1 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
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Two rival teams arrived together for the derby in the same bus to show that competition and rivalry should stay inside the pitch. In Brazil, the arrival of teams in the stadium is an important moment. As a rule, each team arrives in its own bus at the stadium and it received by fans, needing police force. We invited Santos FC, Pele’s eternal team and Sao Paulo, three-time world champion to break the rule. The bus was divided in half carrying the colours of both teams and showing a peace statement that explained the action.


The way to the stadium with rival footballers in the same bus was broadcasted on Facebook live and a series of posts using the bus as a Peace message this time was advertised by Brahma, by the teams and shared among supporters and influencers. Press did its share and generated lots of spontaneous content about the action. Besides that, right after the match, we launched a film in Brahma’s social networks that broadened ever further the power of the message.


98% of positive comments on social networks.

Trending Topic in Twitter.

Total of 106 articles about the action.

News in 72 different communication vehicles.

Approximately R$2,000,000 in spontaneous media.

And most importantly: no violence during the derby.

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