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OMD FRANCE, Boulogne-Billancourt / RENAULT / 2010

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Idea: Make a media boom out of the Renault baby boom.

To materialise this event for the Renault brand and its brand new product range, the agency deployed an unprecedented plan generating massive buzz and developing rapidly the baby boom awareness.Thus the hugest billboard campaign ever took place in France: From September 8th to 22nd 2009, Renault babies could be seen on more than 180,000 outdoor panels! From the heart of Paris to outmost suburbs, in small and big cities, the entire Renault dealership network was covered, with 122 panels, street furniture, train stations; metros… 25-second TV commercials and a web campaign accompanied this special event in France. It was impossible to avoid the Renault babies.

A media strategy that allowed unrivalled exposure to the entire range during 1 month.


Web performances:- Exclusive presence on homepage of all portals: MSN-YAHOO!-AOL-ORANGE-L’EQUIPE- 30% to 40% of SOV on media and auto websites during 10 days- 195 million contacts, 332,000 viewed pages, 2,125 leads generatedVisibility:- Over 50% SOV vs. September 2008Advertising impact (source Ipsos): The campaign broke the records!- Recall: 75% vs. 32% for Standard levels - Brand link: 86% vs. 59% for Standard levels- Attribution: 65% vs. 20% for Standard levelsImpact on sales:- 56,500 orders in September- 2009= +46% vs.September 2008

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