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JUNG VON MATT AG, Hamburg / DOUGLAS / 2022

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Case Film
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For years, the beauty industry advertised the ability to gain self-confidence through outer beauty. Consequently, social pressure focused on external appearance increased, which, especially among young people, not infrequently leads to physical harm, but also to psychological suffering. Despite this the definition of beauty has never been questioned. After all, it was the business model of the industry …

This is why Douglas finally set itself apart from the industry’s definition of beauty by not only featuring a diverse cast with “real stories”, but also by defining the beauty of body parts not by physical appearance, but “their” beautiful actions. Because: Real beauty is not about BEING beautiful, it is about DOING beautiful.


Douglas redefines beauty. In the year of the company's 111th anniversary, the film LET'S DO BEAUTIFUL shows what Douglas stands for today as an open and diverse beauty company. The film shows attitude and formulates a claim. It celebrates beauty in all its diversity - away from traditional one-dimensional outward appearances to a modern holistic concept. LET'S DO BEAUTIFUL is an appeal to recognize beauty not only in externals, but in everything that belongs to a person - personality, attitude, actions and appearance.

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