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3YZ, Porto Alegre / GRUPO RBS / 2012

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With 17 years, Planeta Atlântida is the largest Southern Brazil music festival. As time has gone on, the festival has stopped being a hot topic. Even worse, audiences were shrinking every year. Our objective was to make the 2012 edition of Planeta Atlântida a hot topic again, turning around the loss of audience. To solve the problem, we used the most valuable content of a festival: its lineup. All performers were distributed over a story that began on TV and only proceeded with the active participation of the audience. Tasks on the internet and the real world enabled episodes for the TV and the web which released new attractions of the festival. The results of the campaign shows intense participation of the audience with thousands of tweets,likes and visitors (views) to our web initiatives. The main result: 85% revenue increase and a record audience (in the event) of more than 150,000 people, the largest Planeta Atlântida in history.


We decided to break history into many different media's, so that the public could consume different parts of the story in different channels. In an episode for TV, we introduced the story of Dudu and Marcelo, survivors of the apocalypse. In the third episode, they find a mysterious device that can use to make calls to the past. Accessing the website, audiences were able to heed the call from the future where Dudu and Marcelo begin telling people currently living in 2011 what the attractions of the Planeta Atlântida 2012 were. But the device was only able to provide a few seconds of transmission. To recharge it, the boys needed energy from the past, sent by the audience through several online and offline challenges, during 2 months. Every time the objective was reached, the apparatus was charged up again and a new broadcast would begin, unveiling the entire festival lineup.


Numbers show that the festival was a hot topic again: We had over 150,000 tweets bearing the festival hashtag and nearly 80,000 new Facebook fans, with 600,000 fan page views. Over 1.5m to the festival website, besides episodes created by the audience itself. But more important than that, were the results in terms of revenue and attendance: 85% revenue increase and a record audience of more than 150,000 people, the largest Planeta Atlântida in history.

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