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Breathe Happy Febreze Streaming Radio

PROCTER & GAMBLE, Cincinnati / PROCTER & GAMBLE / 2018

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Composed with sounds fit to rival any top artist in the music industry – a collective “album” of five Febreze song ads was created across the most popular and trending genres on the platform. Each song matched with a compatible brand message—and an undeniable insight. For this track, we brought to life the spirit of the season’s trendiest fruit—Blood Orange—through a genre that pairs vintage appeal with a modern kick. That’s right, we used a modern funk song to tell the world about the zestiest odor-eliminator in town—complete with saxophones, a crazy-catchy chorus, and a dance-worthy groove all to make a sound at home on any top playlist.

The best part? People loved the song ads, taking to social media to share their love, just like they’d do with their favorite artist tracks.


Historically, artists release songs on streaming music platforms and brands release ads to run in between those songs. However, in this work, Febreze acted as a musician, releasing full :30 songs within ad blocks, to stand out by blending in--musically.

This innovative usage of Pandora Radio meant that every listen to a Febreze ad was a listen to a carefully-crafted, totally catchy song—as in, the reason people use streaming radio. The brand became an artist, with multiple songs hitting a huge audience, and listeners taking to social media to confess their love of the tracks.

Streaming radio allowed Febreze to craft ads that aren’t ads at all, but are still full of all the messaging needed to promote each product. Executed through music, on a musical platform, for music-lovers to stream, like, and share.

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