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Hulu viewers encountered the movie trailer for Warner Bros. and MGM film "Tomb Raider" while watching their selected content, and given the opportunity to select desired show time and purchase tickets to see the film at a local theater, using their remote control. The sophisticated and cutting edge TV technology built by BrightLine instantly geo-locates the viewer and smartly displays the home's closest theaters and show times. Viewers were able to browse and compare available show times, by theater. Upon selecting the desired theater time and location, the viewer points and clicks to confirm purchase, then instantly receives an SMS or email to complete their transaction and access their tickets on their mobile phone.

This innovation was made possible by leveraging BrightLine's advanced TV advertising platform, InCast. The new product combines an array of sophisticated technologies, including: TV ad interactivity, dynamic API-driven creative, addressable ad messaging, e-commerce integration, and place-shifting.


The technology is integrated into BrightLine's media partner apps to enable interactive and dynamic experiences for audiences. Viewers of the T-Commerce spot were able to pause the viewing stream and launch into the ticketing platform. The viewer's household was identified by IP address, and local theater information was populated in real time. The viewer could then opt to purchase tickets and place them into a cart, which could then be seamlessly sent to their phone to easily finish the checkout process.

The t-commerce ad product was designed to be modular allowing any e-commerce platform to be plugged in for a vast array of use cases and clients.


The results were outstanding, exceeding all open and click rate benchmarks. Specifically: 33% of viewers who saw the T-Commerce spot clicked to explore nearby show times; 46% of those who created a cart opened the email with their purchase info; 27% clicked "Buy Now."

Best of all, the T-Commerce platform is scalable to other retail applications and it is anticipated that numerous ad campaigns utilizing the technology will premiere over the next 12 months.

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