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KING, Stockholm / SVENSKA SPEL / 2019

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Lotto is one of Sweden’s oldest lottery games and has one of the oldest player bases (which becomes older every year). With the aging player base, Lotto has repeatedly, but in different ways, tried to attract younger ones - both get them to register and start playing, without actually having succeeded well. The campaign was therefore a brand experiment (albeit with clear purpose) with desirable objectives to:

• Demonstrate an increase in the proportion of registered customers in a younger target group (18-25)

• Demonstrate an increase in the number of games played by the target group against a comparable period

• Demonstrate an increase in actively playing customers within the target group against a comparable period


With the help of Sweden’s foremost astronaut Christer Fuglesang, Lotto inspired people to compete to experience the feeling of a weightless spacewalk, in an aircraft that plunges to the ground in 380 km/h wearing VR-glasses. Closer than that, one cannot come to the real experience of space and weightlessness. The experiment mainly attracted young people, but, above all, Lotto inspired us to think about our bucket lists, i.e what we want to experience before we die. Experiences that can often be realized by winning Lotto’s jackpot.


By carefully listening to the target group, a picture emerged how young people reason about gambling and big wins, which deviated from how it previously has looked, especially among elderly. Owning expensive gadgets has long been desirable and status-giving, but as a young, constantly connected and conscious generation has grown up, the expensive gadgets have been replaced with experiences. Having visited places and experienced things is now by many young people considered more luxurious than for example owning expensive cars.

In order to succeed in reaching young people, Lotto therefore needed to change the narrative to cover what can be experienced with the help of money, rather than what can be bought with money. In order to stand out and in an inspiring way establish the idea among young players, Lotto also chose to adapt to the target group's dreams, by allowing the solution itself to become an experience.


In order to fully utilize the asset we had in Christer Fuglesang and the planned parabolic flights we decided to implement the campaign by three phases:

Create awareness and interest in the opportunity to take part of this experiment. This was done through 360 communication with emphasis on digital marketing channels (but also included TV and OOH).

Selecting the winner through FB live where Christer Fuglesang called up the person who was eligible to participate in the experiment

Documentation the experiment when one person performed a parabolic flight with VR glasses. Content that was published and communicated through FB.

The phases were mapped out over the years with phase 1 starting in April, phase 2 in may-June and finally the experiment taking place in august 2018.

As a part of Lotto's total marketing scale, this was still an experiment to explore how Lotto could reach out, attract


Despite being a demanding experiment (going to Russia for five days training with astronauts) over 1600 people signed up for the competition. But, the goal was never to gather applications - the goal was to inspire to think about dreams and buckets lists, to give a younger audience a relevant reason to try Lotto. And that, Lotto succeeded with.

The target audience for the campaign were players aged 18-25. The results below refer to the target group.

- Number of registered players increased by 56% over comparable period

- Number of games added increased by 77% over comparable period

- Percentage of players (of total) aged 18-25 increased by 44%

- 85% increased their gaming on Lotto

- The communication was successful on Facebook and "ad recall" was 28% higher than the control group Facebook has, while knowledge of the initiative was 13% higher than of the control group.

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