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As part of the Buick Road Safety program, this television commercial features real traffic accident victims who kindly agreed to participate in this meaningful project to warn pedestrians and motorists not to avoid the same disasters. Trying to be calm and hide their emotion, the victims’ amputated bodies, or the family of the deceased, say it all as they pose as human traffic signs. They quietly carry the important warnings at these accident-proned locations. The human traffic signs are s a stark reminder for the many pedestrians and motorists that signs are there for a reason. Buick wants to remind them that they should obey the rules because it is a matter of life or death.


All episodes in the film are genuine experience of the victims in the actual traffic accidents.

In China, there are countless traffic accidents victims. However, only a few are willing to revisit their experience in public. The search took the agency over three months: through China’s transport ministry, NGOs like China’s physically handicapped association, handicapped and sports association, etc. From several hundred, we shortlisted 100 candidates. We traveled to all corners of the country to interview the victims and their families to understand their stories and what they went through. Almost all victims were moved by our effort and about half of them were willing to come out and tell their stories. Finally, we selected ten victims, based on the types of accidents and injuries, to be included in the final film.


A powerful video that went viral on the internet attracting more than 50,000 clicks and shares during first week clicks and shares. Rich discussion around the topic of avoiding traffic accidents and obeying traffic signs.

Buick’s road safety program was covered by CCTV, China’s national TV channel advocating drivers and pedestrians on the issue, worth unpaid media up to RMB 1,000,000

Traffic accidents reduced by 50% during the 5 day program.

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