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As from November 14th, Eurostar reduced travel time between London and Brussels from 2h11 to 1h51. Brussels-Paris by train takes you 1h40. So London became just as accessible as our closest capital. This was a major change: London from now on is just around the corner. On top of that, Eurostar arrivals moved to a new London station: St Pancras International.Travel agents still represent one of the main Eurostar-sales channels, representing 20% of sales figures. Booking of tickets opened 4 months in advance, namely on the 14th of July. It was extremely important to inform and create enthusiasm about the changes with this target group. So our countdown kit addressed them 5 months in advance.


We created a countdown-discovery box, sent to the 1,789 most important travel agents. Within they discovered 5 doors to open, one for each month. Thus, we created immediate sympathy, much more than what you would get from a traditional mailing.Behind every door, you found some fun and games/information about a specific product change. The travel agents even discovered a present, stressing the change we talked about even more. A watch communicating the shorter travel time, a pen when the bookings opened and confetti on D-Day.All doors were linked by a game, teasing the travel agents to open the relevant doors. Each month a winner was selected and at the end the ‘ultimate’ winner won a Eurostar-test ride and a fully arranged discovery weekend in London. Experience the promise in reality. ... If you think about it, everyone travelling to London by Eurostar is a winner!


1,789 Boxes sent.578 registrations for the online game (32% of target group).120 long term participations to the online game.Moreover, from the client’s feeling the boxes were a real success with the travel agents. They lasted a long time and we managed to create an awareness of all changes, lasting as long as five months: from the moment they received the box till D-Day on November 14th.

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