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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the most important annual launch for the brand and one of the most anticipated worldwide. It is the smartphone that demonstrates all the technological innovations that will lead the market during the year.

During its launch, the brand wanted to do something notorious and immersive, talking about the device’s newest feature, the Super Slow-mo camera. For this, Plaza de Callao, one of the busiest squares in the country was chosen. With its digital screens, it has become the Spanish equivalent of Times Square or Piccadilly Circus.

So how do we make people stand up and look at screens that are continually showing generic advertising from other brands?


Samsung’s objective was to reach a target that is attentive to the brand’s new releases. The so-called "fanboys" of the Galaxy S, passionate about technology and innovation, they care about the benefits of a smartphone and are always up-to-date with market developments.

To reach them, an attractive theme was sought: Parkour. A movement that was born in the digital era, and thanks to mobile phone cameras, has become popular around the world. A piece that fits within the context of this sport: buildings and the urban landscape.


It was implemented during the launch week in one of the busiest squares in Madrid at a time in which the target passes by and has time to stop and see it. Callao was chosen because it is located next to the largest Samsung Store in Spain, seeking to be impactful, create conversion and encourage direct purchase in the store.

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