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FETCH MEDIA, London / SONY / 2012






Sony Music and Calvin Harris wanted to promote the new single ‘Bounce’, featuring Kelis, as one of 2011’s top Summer anthems. They wanted the single to reach the top of UK music charts, and mobile was chosen as an effective and innovative way to reach a highly targeted audience group of house music-enthusiasts, commercial radio-listeners and festival-goers.

The campaign objectives were:- To raise awareness of the single and reach target audiences- To engage with audiences in a creative way- To drive video views and iTunes downloads To fulfil the campaign objectives, we decided to use the HTML5 mobile technology to promote ‘Bounce’ and maximise impact.After a brainstorm with the client, our in-house creative team helped to design a custom-built HTML5 banner that was strategically placed on the mobile sites of MTV, Shazam, and Ministry of Sound.Upon clicking on the HTML5 banner, a ball similar to the one featured in the ‘Bounce’ music video bounces out of the banner towards the user, ultimately creating an illusion of a broken mobile screen. Users are then exposed to a full screen expandable ad that allows users to watch the music video and download the song on iTunes.

The ingenuity of this creative lies in taking a key element of the single and the music video to create an interesting visual illusion for users on the mobile device.

The campaign was deemed a success – in just 10 days, more than 8 million impressions were made. 30% of users who clicked on the banner also watched the video and clicked to download the song on iTunes. The campaign also achieved a Click Through Rate (CTR) optimised to 1%, providing an effective cost per click of under 17 pence, which is outstanding for rich media campaigns. Most importantly, the Calvin Harris single successfully reached No.2 on iTunes charts just after one week and also gained a spot on Radio 1’s A list.

Today, ‘Bounce’ is one of the most recognised party anthems from 2011.

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