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• Far from the poverty often associated with Africa, a new generation of pioneers are making their mark on the global stage.

• In Africa Emirates was perceived as expensive and alienated. We needed to build an emotional connection and trigger feelings of pride and authenticity.

• By genuinely representing Africans, we wanted to further build brand love and connect with Africans in a way that makes Emirates a brand that empowers and understands them, as well as projects a positive image about Africa. Eventually, make Emirates their preferred airline across the continent.


We partnered with four of African forerunners from different walks of life, who were recognized globally but returned to their roots to make a difference in Africa.

We captured the stories of their aspirations, passions, struggles and successes, narrated in their own words. Each story inspired fellow-Africans to lead the way in challenging themselves, dream big, and make a national and global impact.


It was time to tell a different story about Africa. To do that, Emirates can play a big supporting role in Africa’s renaissance. As a global brand that has been connecting the world, our strategy was very clear: Connecting Africa to the world.


Blinky Bill, a performer and music producer.

Shanelle Nyasiase, an international top model.

Malek Labidi, a chef and an expert in international cuisine.

Abiola Oke, an entrepreneur and co-founder of okayafrica.

From the buzzing nightclubs of Lagos, the captivating landscape of Nairobi, to the bustling markets of Tunis; a portrait of the modern African experience, our films focus on our four protagonists. Each film captured the narratives of one of these 4 pioneers as their lives guided the viewer on a visceral journey through the continent in 2019, a celebration of authenticity and the shattering of clichés. And the highlight of the campaign was the anthem. We partnered with Blinky Bill to create a unique soundtrack with Congolese Soukous style using the ‘Sebene’ instrumental bridge. It personified the vibrancy of African soul while the carefully crafted lyrics’ role was to inspire Africans to lead the way and start shining.


We managed to close the emotional gap, completely transform perceptions and achieved a 360-degree shift in attitudes as an airline that understands and empowers the Africa of today.

Overall reach: 28 Million

Views: 16 Million

+332% increase in Emirates’ association with ‘African Pride’

+232% increase in Emirates’ association with ‘Authenticity’

+146% increase in Emirates’ association with ‘Empowerment’

+119% increase in perception of Emirates’ understanding ‘African heritage’

+102% increase in Emirates’ ‘Purchase intent’

And most importantly, Emirates voted as the number 1 airline in Africa.

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