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TAPIT, Sydney / MICROSOFT / 2013

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Combining the world’s oldest advertising medium (Outdoor) with the world’s latest smartphone technology (Near Field Communications) we created a 'real world' Halo gaming experience like no other where fans could battle each other to 'Capture the Poster'.

To make this poster truly priceless we flew out Halo 4 Creative Director, Josh Holmes, who individually signed 376 Halo posters.

The first to 'tap' their smartphone on 1 of the 376 outdoor sites 'captured the poster' at that specific location. Any fans who subsequently 'tapped' a captured location were given exclusive Halo 4 content such as trailers, character profiles and screensavers.

Cleverly using Facebook where 320,000 Halo fans were following Xbox, we generated excitement and on-going news related to 'Capture the Poster' so fans could be kept up to date in real time about which outdoor poster sites had been captured vs. poster sites that were still uncaptured.


We breathed fresh life into the world’s oldest advertising medium and successfully proved Halo fans love to game in the real world just as much as the digital world.

100% of posters captured in 4 days (376 sites).

10,000 Facebook Stories associated with the “Capture the Poster”.

1,200,000 earned Facebook Impressions.

9,000 Facebook Likes associated with “Capture the Poster” posts.

Halo 4 pre-order target exceeded by 18%.

First week Halo 4 sales 22% above forecast.

Halo 4 smashed total sales target by 21%.

1 smashed panel with a stolen poster (use of a Plasma Pistol is still being investigated).

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