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ESSENCE, San Francisco / GOOGLE / 2018

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We all know the curiosity of children is relentless, and they expect mom and dad to have all the answers. But questions that parents couldn’t have prepared for are more common than ever. Just look at fidget spinners. No one saw that coming.

Except Google.

Proprietary search tools allow Google to track popularity in real time. We saw an opportunity to portray these trends through Google’s hardware, showing parents how our device help them stay on top of the latest in their children’s lives.

So we created the first ever trend-driven real-time campaign to help parents answer the most simple, yet entirely confusing questions that (seemingly) come out of nowhere.


Fact Check leveraged an early beta of Director's Cut, a YouTube product which allows advertisers to adjust video creative in real-time. We began by creating a series of shell creative, showcasing parents using Google Home to answer their children’s question.

We used real-time results from Google Trends to build our database. Trending questions and queries relevant to families were surfaced every two days. New copy and voiceover were created based on top trends. Targeting was updated and the ads were pushed live.

Within 3-4 days we were delivering a Google Home video built around the latest trends, like “Hey Google, what is a fidget spinner?”


These ad units were the only concepts in the campaign that drove lift in consideration, seeing a 25% lift in consideration over standard campaign creation.

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