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Youtube “Bento Box”

GOOGLE CHINA, Shanghai / GOOGLE / 2018

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This story is about a Chinese boy arriving on foreign soil. He’s new kid, and he’s also so different that he feels no one wants to get to know him. This is most evident everyday at lunch, where his Asian rice box is a stark contrast from the lunchboxes other kids full of sandwiches and fruits. How he wishes his lunch looked like theirs.

As the days go by he gets more and more withdrawn – even leaving his lunches uneaten. Mum notices and knows there must be a way, without compromising who he is.

The next day, he opens his lunchbox to a surprise – a beautiful bento depicting a cute Panda, the symbol of his hometown Chengdu. The other kids notice and flock around him. It’s the first step to his integration and making friends.

So don’t change who you are, tell your story the right way.

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