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Mechanics are the cornerstone of the Castrol business. They are the gatekeepers to growth.

For society, they are true sources of support, helping drivers to stay safe on the roads. Yet, they feel somewhat unappreciated by society and employers. Their hard work and commitment often are taken for granted, leading to low motivation to perform beyond the bare minimum and to avoid advocating for Castrol.

Castrol believes that mechanics deserve better. After all, these are the brand’s front-liners, the faces and hearts of the business, and their love & loyalty towards Castrol directly impacts sales and growth.

So, Castrol Cares was a solution to get partner-mechanics to feel appreciated and taken care of, so these professionals would become even more loyal to the brand, acting as true ambassadors. An initiative deeply rooted in connecting at a human level, helping mechanics positively pivot their behavior towards a life where health matters.


To elevate the mechanics’ self-worth, improve their health while also drive loyalty and advocacy, Castrol created a dedicated wellness program in collaboration with Aster Healthcare providing health check-ups and overall support to mechanics.

“Castrol Cares” made it easier for mechanics to take care of their health, as it took place in the form of a roadshow. A mobile medical and engagement unit traveled the UAE connecting Castrol with mechanics in their workplace.

The designed-for-purpose unit comprises medical staff and Castrol ambassadors offering mechanics solutions to live a healthier life, treating them as heroes.

Castrol selected mechanics with health issues and delivered their results in the most unexpected way.

While mechanics checked on cars, they got a little surprise. Their children were delivering the results in a personal, serious and yet endearing way. After all, words from their kids would touch their hearts and strengthen their resolve.


Primary Target: Auto-oil/mechanics throughout the UAE.

Tension: The sense of self-worth is nowhere to be seen and healthy habits are a luxury they can’t afford.

Strategic Angle: By taking care of those who power the Castrol business forward, the brand created a deeper and genuine connection with mechanics, who very naturally would advocate for the brand. Driving incentives and relationships through humanity rather than small cash rewards.

Human Connect: Castrol believes mechanics should start prioritizing their health and quality of life. So, the brand sought to find a way to elevate mechanics’ “sense of self-love and health awareness” by incentivizing a lifestyle pivot. And there’s no better catalyst for positive change than the love of their own children.

Long Term Impact: “Castrol Cares” aimed at long term behavior change, by providing mechanics with discount cards to access medical care and pharmacies within the Aster network, at any time post-activation.


Castrol initiated 3 mobile truck wellness clinics in partnership with Aster Medical Group to reach 10,000 mechanics across 7 emirates in UAE. From October-November 2022, clinics checked mechanics overall health (From BMI to Cholesterol). The trucks also educated mechanics on Castrol product benefits. Castrol Aster Medical cards were provided to mechanics with 30%off select medical services and medication. With most mechanics from Indian subcontinent, cards were valid in Aster network across UAE & India, to be used even while mechanics are on annual leave.

Then, Castrol selected mechanics with health issues and delivered their results in an unexpected way. While at work, they got unexpected call from their children delivering the results in the most personal, serious yet endearing ways. Words from their kids would touch their hearts and strengthen their resolve.

When completing intake forms, mechanics checked a box for permitting medical results to be shared with their families.



Behaviour change towards health and wellbeing by mechanics

Result: Out of the roughly 10.000 mechanics who took part in the program and took home an Aster card containing discounts for medical services and pharmacies, 60% have used it after the initiative.

Source: Castrol and Aster internal data


Drive mechanic loyalty & engagement

Result: 45% of mechanics surveyed mentioned the initiative definitely led to them recommending the brand while 53% would likely recommend the brand.

Source: GFK’s Understanding Brand Perception & Campaign Outreach, December 2022


Brand recall improvement

Result: 48% of mechanics surveyed recalled the Castrol brand as being active with meaningful activations.

Source: GFK’s Understanding Brand Perception & Campaign Outreach, December 2022


Drive higher sales without the need to expand the size of the network of workshops

Result: 90% above target. Total of 380.000 liters of Magnatec sold.

Source: Castrol commercial data.

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