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PRIME, Stockholm / LANTMANNEN DOGGY / 2013

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There are only 3 200 tigers left in the wild, mostly due to illegal hunting by poachers. That’s 97 % less than just a hundred years ago.

Lantmännen Doggy, with a long tradition of caring about Swedish cats decided to stand up for the tigers. They teamed up with Tetra Pak who wrap their food in in recyclable carton packages giving cats lower carbon footprints.

Their project came to be Cat helps cat.

A special food box was created with the companies´ resources, cat food and climate smart packaging. Purchasing it provided funding to the World Wide Fund for Nature.

They created a tiger sponsor program, where a cat could sponsor a tiger for a monthly donation and receive a sponsor necklace.

Social platforms were used with a real cat as the project leader to engage cat lovers around Sweden.

By using social media and PR, we got cats, humans and some of Sweden’s biggest celebrities to join the project.

Our Facebook page quickly got 71 000 likes. Its monthly reach was up to 2 million unique users and 100 000 interactions making it one of the fastest growing Facebook pages in Sweden.

Earned media in press, television, and public radio reached 29% of the population.

Over 104 000 food boxes were sold and raised enough money to educate 314 park rangers or train 1257 dogs to keep poachers away.

And the best part, 2 out of 3 wild tigers have a Swedish cat sponsor to care for them in the future.


Cat helps cat was launched through a Video News Release, with Malte (our spokescat), describing the tigers’ situation and presenting the project. Journalists with cats were targeted and an internal launch took place before the broad launch.

A Facebook Page became the main project hub. We posted three times a week including photos. It also included Maltes’ Video blog, competitions, and of course tiger facts, environmental issues and pushed sales. Most importantly we encouraged all the fans and tiger sponsors through special shout outs and/ or prizes.

We continuously updated the Social network and the traditional media with the increasing numbers of donations and sales to make them all feel part of the movement.

We carefully evaluated which posts and what tonality gave us the best interactions and numbers and adapted the communication to our learnings. The project was supposed to last for 5 months but was prolonged due to the success.


71 000 fans within the target audience on the project´s Facebook page (Goal 10 000) making it one of the fastest growing pages in Sweden.

Social media reach in target audience: 2 000 000 unique users and 100 000 interactions monthly.

Earned media reach – 29 % of Swedish population with key messages, project name and clients name included in the major part of the media impressions.

Third party approval through a number of influential opinion leaders and celebrities, including top politicians, Sweden’s most famous TV-host, comedians and international music artists.

104 188 sold Cat helps cat boxes (Goal 100 000)

1910 Tiger sponsors (Goal 500)

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