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Nielsen research of CONAN’s "Team Coco" visitors and analysis into its Twitter fanbase revealed that CONAN fans are passionate about gaming. They are twice as likely to have purchased online video games in the last 6 months and 35 times more likely to follow gaming brands on Twitter. So, we decided to create a consumer-first gaming experience for the highly-anticipated NYC visit.

We created the first ever augmented reality gaming app for a late-night TV show called "Catch Coco." Fans used the app to locate and capture a virtual Conan across 15 NYC locations. When the app was launched at one of the locations, Conan appeared on screen as if he was at that location, eating his favorite NYC-style deli sandwiches.

Fans also played at home with the "Catch Coco Couch Experience," where a sandwich-eating virtual Conan was released every 24 hours for players to catch within their respective surroundings


Anticipation was created prior to the week of shows in NYC with a robust promotional schedule across TV and digital via custom spots and social posts driving awareness for the special week of shows and teasing the game release.

CONAN’s "Team Coco" posted over 25 social posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube calling on fans to download the app, with posts optimized to specifically target gaming enthusiasts.

Conan personally contributed to promoting "Catch Coco" by demonstrating the app’s capabilities during an in-program integration that took place outside the Apollo Theater, encouraging fans to participate. "Catch Coco" graphic treatments with AT&T branding and on-screen over-lays promoted the game during CONAN shows and other relevant programming including Star Wars.


AT&T and CONAN once again connected to provide fans with a mobile led experience and the fans loved it – with one dedicated fan catching all 15 NYC Conans in just 9 hours – far surpassing our expectations!

Fan engagement with the game was high. Users launched the app an average of 7 times over the course of the game period, nearly 21,000 Conans were captured during gameplay and the "Catch Coco" promotional videos garnered 3.5 million video views across social.

The ongoing partnership between AT&T & CONAN was further strengthened with the number of users that follow both brands on social media increasing by 33% following the "Catch Coco" integration.

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