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The 90-second opening movie symbolically portrayed a vision of a future where humanity and technology co-exist in the form of an encounter between a lone man and an imaginary interface. In the live performance, running approximately eight-and-a-half minutes, the physical expression of the performers was combined with productions created with assorted techniques and devices. The show visualized an intimate symbiosis between technology and humans.


1. Direct Conversion of Human Will into Light & Sound; Performers wore independently developed myoelectric sensors on each arm to convert their minute muscle movements into light and sound that was choreographed in real time. 2. Costume Complete Control over Light; Costumes came with flexible organic EL panels. The panels emitted light according to values produced by the myoelectric sensors & the motion capture system. 3 Visualized Human Breathing; Costumes made with wearable body sensors coated with resin via a special processing technique measured biological information in real time during the performance. Portraying the collected data as computer-generated graphics in the video by means of wireless transmission expressed the link between human breathing and technology. 4. Intermingling the Real with the Virtual; Infrared markers attached to objects, performers & small props allowed the motion capture system installed above to measure position & posture to create real-time AR and MR.


Around 2,000 political and business leaders gathered in the venue, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, applauded the unique, fantastical performance. All on its own, regardless of what happened at the BtoB tech expo, the performance presented Japan's vision to a wide range of people: the YouTube video of the performance garnered views from over 78,000 people, and it was even picked up by the media and featured on a TV program.

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