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MOTHER, London / COCA-COLA / 2013

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A big thank you deserved a big gesture, so instead of just telling people about the promotion, an oversized, fully working Coca-Cola vending machine was built in the heart of East London to dispense free Cokes and thank the UK public. During a busy sunny Saturday, hundreds of locals and visitors got a chance to interact with the machine and get a free Coke out of it. The building of the vending machine and the public’s interactions were documented and then edited into a 10-second TV and a 90-second online film that were the basis for the campaign.


Coca-Cola wanted to give away 200,000 bottles of Coca-Cola on the 3rd of September as the ultimate ‘thank you’ for Great Britain playing host to the Olympics. The experience was created to raise awareness for this promotion and give people a simple click-through mechanic to guide them to Coke Zone for the coupon. The campaign was a success, with all 200,000 Cokes given away on the 3rd of September. In addition, the films and collateral created from them generated over 25m impressions over the 3-day weekend and was regarded as a massive success by Coca-Cola.

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