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Celebrate Pride in Belonging

GOOGLE, Mountain View / GOOGLE / 2022







Through this film, Google helped share stories of dozens of LGBTQ+ friendly businesses around the globe and deliver a call to support their pandemic recovery.

As the film opens to Savoir Adore’s “Bloom” - a song about transformation and self acceptance - we learn there are certain spaces where the LGBTQ+ community feels belonging.

A series of Google Maps profiles reveals the toll COVID-19 has taken: Under each business name, red text reads: “Permanently closed” or “Temporarily closed.”

Simple titles and archival photos from the LGBTQ+ rights movement remind viewers that even in the darkest times, the community has shown up to support each other. As the track crescendos, we see how the community is showing up again - images of LGBTQ+ friendly spaces opening back up to eager patrons.

The film invites people to discover, visit and share inclusive spaces using tools from Google Maps and Google Pixel.

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