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DON, Buenos Aires / PHILCO / 2024

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Philco operates within a highly competitive market landscape, compounded by the broader economic challenges facing Argentina. Amidst political transitions and shifting consumer mood, the brand sought to carve out a distinct space for itself, leveraging the prevailing cultural and political discourse to resonate with its target audience.


Philco's brief revolved around launching a compelling campaign to stimulate demand for its products amidst economic adversity. With limited resources at their disposal, the objective was to devise a strategy that not only captured consumer attention but also reinforced the brand's value proposition in the minds of consumers, ultimately driving sales and improving market share.


Generate a promotional campaign that can place the brand in the social conversation and push stock at the same time.


The creative idea hinges on harnessing the zeitgeist of Argentina's political and economic climate, particularly around the fervor generated by Javier Milei's "chainsaw plan" and the subsequent "blender effect" resulting from currency devaluation. Philco's campaign ingeniously integrates these socio-political motifs, presenting its products as solutions amidst the chaos. The billboard uses a tongue in cheek headline that cleverly weaves these cultural references into its messaging. The campaign's creative execution is not only attention-grabbing but also resonant, tapping into the collective consciousness of the target audience and sparking conversations both online and offline. Ultimately, the creative idea aims to elevate Philco beyond a mere product offering to a symbol of practicality in uncertain times.


Data Gathering:

The strategy begins with an analysis of consumer behavior and the sociopolitical dynamics that shape the complex and changing Argentine landscape. This includes monitoring online conversations, sentiment analysis and understanding the impact of Milei's policies on society.

Target Audience:

Philco's target audience comprises middle to lower-income households, particularly those feeling the pinch of economic instability. Also, the campaign is aimed at young adults, because of their digital presence and their ability to viralize content that they consider interesting or controversial.


The approach focuses on leveraging cultural and political references to create an impactful messaging. By aligning with the prevailing sentiments surrounding the "chainsaw plan" and "blender effect," the campaign strikes a chord with the target audience.

Call to Action:

The campaign's call to action encourages consumers to buy a chainsaw so they can get for free a blender. It´s full promotional for a small batch of products.



The campaign's implementation involves a multi-channel approach, including print, outdoor and digital media. Each one of them has the same headline with a copy that refers to a phrase frequently used by the president.


The campaign appeared on billboards in the streets of Argentina and quickly went viral thanks to the president's post. After that post, different leaders of the ruling party celebrated the campaign.


Print ads and outdoor billboards are strategically placed in high-traffic areas such as city centers, public transportation hubs, and shopping districts to maximize visibility and reach. Digital ads are targeted towards relevant online platforms and social media channels frequented by the target audience.


The campaign operates on a national scale, targeting urban centers across Argentina where economic uncertainty and political discourse are most pronounced.


Business Impact:

The campaign drives a significant increase in sales for Philco's products, particularly those featured in the campaign. Sales figures surpass initial projections, amidst economic uncertainty.

Response Rate:

The campaign generates a high level of engagement from the target audience, with a notable increase in interactions across digital platforms and foot traffic to Philco's onlinwstore. Online engagement metrics, including click-through rates and social media shares, exceed industry benchmarks.

Brand Perception:

The campaign positively impacts Philco's brand perception, positioning it as a tongue in cheak brand. While the campaign received both praise and criticism, particularly after the president praised it, surveys and focus groups reveal an improvement in brand loyalty among target demographics.

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