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DON, Buenos Aires / PHILCO / 2024

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In October 2023, presidential elections were held in Argentina amid a complex social climate, marked by a change of government. There was widespread uncertainty about what would happen, with estimates of consumption downturns and monetary devaluation.

Philco aimed to maintain its leadership in air conditioner sales and association with the category. The goal was for consumers to think of Philco when considering purchasing an air conditioner.


The pieces are straightforward. We'll depict individuals cooling off under an air conditioner. Each spot will feature a voiceover recounting various scenarios experienced by the protagonists. Whether it's a dad coerced into dancing at his child's school function or someone enduring an overly long meeting that could have been summarized in an email, etc. All conclude with the tagline "Everybody needs to cool down."


The impact was significant, with a total cross-media target coverage of 88%: reaching 16 million people with a frequency of 20 impressions. An integrated approach allowed for deep and efficient penetration of the audience, consolidating the brand message across various communication channels.

Specifically in TV, the coverage was 73%, in VP it was 37%, and in Cinema, the long versions of the spot were aired, reaching 537,437 contacts.

In Meta, the campaign garnered +152 million impressions, reaching a total of 12 million people, who interacted 9 million times with the content. The Engagement Rate was 5.9%.

On YouTube, the campaign achieved 50 million impressions and reached +10 million people, who interacted over +17 million times. The Engagement Rate was 33.95%.

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