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Cheerios Family Size

FCB BRASIL, Sao Paulo / NESTLE / 2021

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Families have changed: today they come in all sizes and shapes. According to the research “For The Families”, couples without kids represent 19.9% of the families in Brazil, while people living alone represent 14%, and mother-only families, 16%. But even today, in 2021, there are still people who preach that only traditional families matter. So our goal was to show how diverse Brazilian families are, fighting prejudice with love and making everyone feel included. In order to do that, we created the Cheerios Family Size, a special edition with packages in 8 different sizes that represent real types of family. Thousands of boxes were produced and distributed online for free (it was not about profits: it was all about putting the spotlight on a very important subject for every kind of family).


If families come in different sizes and shapes, why is the expression “family size” still used only for huge products? Cheerios, a cereal brand known for being a “family thing,” wanted to send a message to everyone who believes that love can overcome prejudice. So we created Cheerios Family Size: a special edition with packages in 8 different sizes, to represent real types of family, including: Cheerios 120 g, for people who live alone with their pets; Cheerios 240 g, for couples without kids (in these families, "baby" is just a cute nickname); Cheerios 720 g, for kids from divorced parents (the box splits into two, so they can keep one at each home); and Cheerios 2.4 kg, for frat friends who are like brothers. People in São Paulo, Brazil, could order their boxes online for free and get them delivered.


The package redesign was the starting line for the whole campaign. Looking at the different types of families identified by research, we created 8 boxes with different sizes to match the reality of different families. The new boxes’ shapes were designed to express the plurality of families. Also, each box featured illustrated characters with their own stories, representing the respective type of family. Using vibrant colors and 2D techniques, the concept of the characters and their combinations was derived from consumer insights, to reflect diversity of gender, age, ethnicity and sexual orientation, in order to promote inclusion and representativeness. The packages became a symbol of the brand communication, and the characters came to life in a 2D musical animation. After prototyping the boxes, with many art direction and cutting tests, the client produced a limited edition that was distributed online for free.


Cheerios arrived in Brazil just a few years ago, and had yet to do a big campaign. So this was the first time Brazilians felt connected to this brand (and the first time many of them saw themselves in our packages). But the discussion was not limited to the boxes: we invited influencers with different types of family to bring the conversation to their followers (one influencer talked to 665 K followers; another could reach over 200 K people). In the end, we had reached 2.8 million people, with 3.1 million impacts and 15 times more followers on @cheerios_br. But most importantly, families felt included and represented by this campaign.

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