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The ‘Toy Car’ online video tells the story of a quintessential, young, successful professional in urban India. He is part of the upper class now unlike his lower middle class childhood. Back then a foreign made scale model of a Chevrolet truck was rare enough to be protected and not played with. Therefore, our hero never took his gift, a toy car, out of its box.

So, when the Trailblazer activation with Amazon comes along, his loving wife goes to and books him a Chevrolet Trailblazer online. The hero can’t believe his eyes when the Trailblazer is delivered to him in a big, brown Amazon box. As the Trailblazer comes out of its box, the ‘car comes out of the box’, both literally and metaphorically.


The Chevrolet Trailblazer was launched via an exclusive brand store on Rich media banners, social media posts and the Chevrolet India website were used to drive traffic to the online Trailblazer store. Teasers went live on October 16 followed by the launch on October 21, 2015. Chevrolet also released three online videos. The first video showed a truck transporting a huge Amazon brown box across the country. The second video unveiled who had placed the order – a loving wife who wanted to gift her husband a ‘car in a box’. This video was uploaded on the Chevrolet India Facebook page and their YouTube page. The third video showed what Chevrolet did with the Amazon box after the delivery. A total of 221 million impressions and over 4 million views resulted overall.


The Trailblazer is the most expensive car ever sold by Chevrolet India. Yet, it managed to meet its annual sales target in only 45 days after launch. So much so that Chevrolet had to import more units in a hurry just to keep up with demand generated by the Amazon activation. The Chevrolet brand store on Amazon got 116,715 visits in the first 5 days alone. And saw a 30% better CTR than even the iPhone 6 launch on Amazon. The campaign trended on Twitter over four days preceding the launch of the video asset and two days after the campaign concluded. The ‘Toy Car’ online video got 1.4 million views, 37 thousand likes, 3600 shares on Facebook. The YouTube upload gathered more than 1 million views. This online video is easily the most successful digital work done by Chevrolet India. And it has got the numbers to prove it.

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