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Meme culture attributed to the rise in popularity for the hard seltzer category, and no brands were taking advantage of the trend, instead going after internet memers. As a brand that stands for fun, Bud Light Seltzer had the credibility and opportunity to make waves with social content that would 1) appeal to their consumer and 2) indirectly promote their product.

But we had spent so much time crafting Bud Light Seltzer, that we forgot the most important ingredient of all - memes. So while our competitors were shutting down meme accounts and sending cease and desists to innocent seltzer memers, we decided to do something about it. We created something that's never done before. and brought it to the client. And they loved it.


We decided to create a REAL job. A job that sat within the Bud-Light Seltzer marketing department and whose sole purpose was to serve the internet, the first ever Chief Meme Officer. This person would have a bring in $5,000 a month to serve up the dankest memes for the brand's social media accounts.


We came up with the idea to hire the internet: openly admit our memes were "trash" and that we needed to hire a professional to make "fire" memes for Bud Light Seltzer. A Chief Meme Officer.

To make this real job feel as real as possible we did what any professional recruiter would do - we created job listings. The headline was Bud Light Seltzer Chief Meme Officer - a real job at a real company. With its own LinkedIn listing for recruiters to share, and a website with an open call of applicants.


We first created our website––––to let the internet know there was an open call for the position. We then followed up with our LinkedIn job posting to let everyone know how serious we were about the position.

Our application process was designed to let the best memer win. We provided all applicants with blank meme templates on our instagram so the internet could get it right and share their finest work - and they did not disappoint. With the help of over 3000 applicants which included celebrities, influencers, and memers, alike we made sure that the Bud Light seltzer memes were as good as the seltzer itself.


This took off.

We garnered media attention from broadcast news and publications across the country. Celebrities like Guy Fieri even tried their hand at applying for the position. Overall bringing in results like 300+ earned PR placements, 612 million campaign impressions, 3000 applicants––the first 1000 of which were in the first 24 hours alone––and the most important of all: one new Bud Light Seltzer employee. The Chief Meme Officer.

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