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The growing number of young Internet users, the lack of online safety education and absence of effective prosecution for cybercrimes makes the protection of children in cyberspace a crucial issue in the Ukraine.To raise public awareness and help children, parents and teachers learn how to use the Internet safely, the Coalition for Child Safety Online has been established as a sustainable multi-stakeholder platform in which all members provide significant in-kind contributions. Throughout its framework, numerous activities took place; from the launch of Onlandia - educational web site, two roundtable discussions, online safety trainings for children in summer camps and schools, to a "Safer Internet Month" public awareness campaign and the launch of an online petition for safer internet - the first safe e-mail service for kids in the Ukraine.The campaign resulted in a coalition which engaged the government, NGO, business, and celebrity advocates. Its initiatives generated 3 hours+ of cumulative air time and 300+ publications.Coalition volunteers trained 20,000+ students across Ukraine on rules of Internet safety. The Onlandia website has had above 20,000 unique visitors and about 500 people joined the online petition in 3 weeks.The Ministry of Education has introduced new training for teachers and the Ministry of Internal Affairs has initiated amendments to legislation to improve the online safety situation.


The Coalition for Child Safety Online was established to foster advocacy efforts. It launched the Onlandia online safety educational website and organized a round table discussion to recruit advocates among government stakeholders and NGOs.Online safety training in summer camps and open lessons at schools were launched to help engage more child advocates. Microsoft’s open lesson was attended by 100+ students and 30+ social media journalists.February 2009 was announced as “Safe Internet Month” with activities including:- support of the Public Awareness campaign and online safety road show;- online petition “For Safer Internet for Ukrainian Kids”;- launch of the first safe e-mail service for kids.- Child Safety Online roundtable with 60+ participants from the government, NGO’s, private sector and media.All activities were supported by nation-wide media outreach, including press announcements and events, public discussions, contests for kids and viral promotions.


The Coalition for Child Safety Online is now a multi-stakeholder organization engaging government, NGO’s, businesses and celebrities.Its initiatives and activities generated more than 20 news spots and one to one interviews with over 3 hours of cumulative air time on national television and 300+ print/online publications.The Onlandia website has had 20,000+ visitors since its launch in April 2008 and 500+ people joined the online petition in 3 weeks.Coalition volunteers trained 20,000 students across Ukraine on rules of Internet safety. The Ministry of education has also introduced regular training on cyber safety for teachers.The Ministry of Internal Affairs has already initiated amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine and several other relevant legislative acts to improve the legal framework, which determines the way how children’s online safety issues are handled.We are committed to continue safeguarding our children online, so the story will go on.

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