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Children's Power to Create

VML IM2.0, Shanghai / CRAYOLA CHINA / 2016

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Rather than having the brand simply shout that creativity is a vital part of every child's development, Crayola would become the curator of creativity; a magnifying lens for parents to zoom in on inspiring works created by real children, allowing them to "see children's power to create." At the same time, as Pablo Picasso said, "Every child is an artist"; therefore, Crayola, as the curator of creativity, would provide every child his or her own art gallery to showcase their creative works, allowing the whole world to "See Children's Power To Create."



1. Media platforms directed traffic to online virtual art gallery, where mothers uploaded their children's artwork and shared on social media. Crayola curated and shared uploads on Weibo.

2. As more artwork was shared, more moms could "see children's power to create," and uploaded their own children's works. Crayola enhanced engagement with online social voting mechanism, with favorite works selected every week. These were featured at Shanghai China Welfare Institute Children's Palace, Crayola's offline exhibition.

3. At the offline exhibition, fans were invited to "See Children's Power To Create" first-hand.


1. Media: 4.20-5.12

2. Expand on Social: 5.12-6.30

3. Offline Exhibition : 5.30-5.31

Placement & Scale:

Production: online HTML5 site 742k(14%), offline event 250k(5%), materials 200k(4%).

Social: Weibo hot topic & WeChat sharing 614k(12%), Influencer buying & content creation 1010k(20%), always-on content 420k(8%), celebrity co-op 400k(8%).

Paid Media: OTV 700k(14%), BBV 460k(9%), SEM 300k(6%).

TOTAL: 5,096k


Business impact – sales, donations, site traffic

Site traffic: 294,779 (UV)

Response rate: 33% (UV/Click), 0.52% (Click/Imp)

Impressions: 170,825,347

Change in behavior: Inspired over 90,000 junior kids' artists

Consumer awareness: -

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