Cien - for the most demanding taste

FOLK FINLAND, Helsinki / LIDL / 2016

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Finnish women spend on the average 170€ per year on cosmetics. Most of this is purchased from supermarkets, but still grocery store chains don´t have their own cosmetic brands. Big international players rule the shelves, all communicating exactly the same way. Lidl was the first to launch their own cosmetic brand Cien in March 2016 but because Cien wasn´t a household name the products weren´t quite flying off the shelves. In September 2016 we started a campaign aiming to raise the awareness and create credibility to the cheapest makeup brand in Finland.


We had two different approaches to tackle the challenges of awareness and credibility. Our story-driven solution was to raise the awareness and emotions. So we introduced a woman who doesn´t settle for anything.

In addition to this approach we needed the credibility. Finnish supermodel Kirsi Pyrhönen is known for international high-end campaigns and to have her appear on behalf of an inexpensive brand like Cien proved to be a success.

We used TV and movie advertising to raise emotions and quality image of Cien. Print, outdoor and digital solutions were supporting the brand image and bringing in the credibility

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