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GREY NEW YORK, New York / PLAYTEX / 2013

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Sex sells. Sex hygiene doesn’t. A sensitive subject meant a challenging product launch for Fresh + Sexy, before and after sex wipes by Playtex.

Given the controversial subject matter that couldn’t be fully addressed in advertising, PR was critical to drive the launch. PR's role was to get people and media talking about something they otherwise wouldn't talk about by inventing a deliberately buzz generating integrated PR campaign using sexual innuendo and controversial partnerships.

We shocked the world with a campaign featuring bold sexual innuendos that touted the benefits of staying clean where it counts. Soon fans started getting involved, and a new vernacular was born around sexual hygiene. We forged strategic partnerships with shock jock Howard Stern, VICE magazine and infamous 'Party Hard' rock-star Andrew W.K. to get the word out about our product. Soon Fresh + Sexy was a part of conversations everywhere.

With a limited budget, the campaign generated more than 750,000,000 impressions – an impact valued at over $10M. In two months, Fresh + Sexy went from being a non-existent brand in a non-existent category to a brand that ignited a debate and empowered consumers everywhere to talk about a subject that was formerly taboo.


To launch Fresh + Sexy, a new product in a new category, we had to generate buzz among targeted media and consumers. A bold, fully integrated campaign with sexual innuendo at its core was the perfect platform to spark conversation, ultimately carving out a space within mainstream media.

The campaign rolled out February 2013 with print, online videos, digital banners, radio with Howard Stern and OOH across major metros. The campaign sparked rampant interest across three continents, spurring chatter among top media outlets including The New York Times, Ad Age, MTV, Jezebel, The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.

Next came the partnership with renowned party–rocker, Andrew W.K. Leveraging this cultural influencer, awareness was further increased with a positive shift in sentiment surrounding brand.

Media highlights include: FUSE TV, Pitchfork, New York Magazine and Men's Health. Finally, a SXSW activation set the tone for continued conversation and a vehicle for sampling.


Campaign generated + 750MM media impressions –impact valued at $10+ million. In just 2+ months, Fresh + Sexy went from a non-existent brand in a non-existent category, to a major catalyst creating debate about sexual hygiene.

• Since campaign launch, month-over-month sales increased +300%.

• Print coverage in major publications on 3 continents.

• Featured on morning TV talk shows.

• Promotional party, hosted by Andrew W.K. at SXSW, where we sampled the 4K attendees.

• Event’s digital wall pulled user-generated images, posts & tweets using custom hashtags, generating 3MM estimated impressions from 280 twitter mentions.

• MTV’s #1 reason they were sad they missed SXSW.

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