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M&C SAATCHI, Sydney / OPTUS / 2015


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Clever Buoy is a smart ocean buoy that detects sharks and sends instant alerts to lifeguards via the Optus Network.

Traditionally, sharks have been difficult to detect using sonar and no accurate detection technology existed anywhere in the world.

We applied existing sonar detection methods, used in the oil and gas industry, and calibrated the software to specifically identify sharks, through their unique movement. This was done through a series of data captures throughout testing.

Once a shark has been detected, a real-time message is transferred via Optus’ Inmarsat satellite to the lifeguard towers. This data is also shared with scientists and researchers via Google+.

As the buoys are rolled out across beaches in Australia, the Optus logo and yellow buoy will become synonymous for beach safety.

Clever Buoy not only delivers on the brand and communication brief, but presents a genuine future business opportunity for Optus. As the buoy gains critical mass, the network will be provided by Optus, and is a new revenue stream, as well as a conversation starter for new business with local and state governments.

Telecoms marketing normally revolves around the use, and benefits, of a given network, we redefined what that use could be, and in doing so transformed people's perceptions, and the brand itself.


Clever Buoy aims to be a viable alternative to current shark defence methods in Australia and worldwide.

Government testing of the commercially viable buoy is scheduled for the beginning of the Australian Summer 2015, and discussions with government and local councils are under-way to help facilitate public trials.

We’ve essentially put a brain in the ocean. The vision is to not only retrieve and distribute the sonar data, but as the buoys gain critical mass and a solid dataset is established, use prediction algorithms to be more proactive in the prevention of shark attacks.

There is also a plan to use the buoys to capture data on other marine life. This can be used to track migration patterns, monitor marine populations, and give us an unparalleled understanding of the ocean like never before.

Clever Buoy not only opens up a novel use for the Optus network, it has also created an entirely new revenue stream. This transformational product has led to Optus opening a new innovations division created to see the inception of the commercial Clever Buoys, as well as the development of future products.

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