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Clever Kash

SAATCHI & SAATCHI , Auckland / ASB / 2016

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• Clever Kash: a cashless, digital moneybox in the shape of a yellow toy elephant – the iconic animal ASB has used since the 1960s for its own savings boxes.

• On its belly is a digital screen that interacts with a parent’s mobile banking app via Bluetooth.

• Parents can “swipe” money from their phone (via ASB Mobile banking app), and Clever Kash syncs then reflects that balance, so the child can see their pocket money.

• Payments can be personalised with names, goals can be set, and sound effects add light and playfulness.


Clever Kash was designed, researched, prototyped and developed over 12 months.

Just before launch, the ASB Mobile Banking app was automatically updated to have Clever Kash functionality.

Then it was launched via with a registration of interest and via two online videos showcasing Clever Kash and the development/making of. Registered people were chosen to experience and feed back on the device for an updated version to launch to NZ in September 2016.


• 1,050 units were used in family homes for feedback, testing and promotional use

• In branch, where people could come in and try Clever Kash


• First launch September 2015: 1,050 units nationwide to registered parents and influencers

• In Branch and promotional material nationwide

• Mass launch September 2016

Brand relevance

ASB has a reputation as New Zealand’s most progressive bank – and is one of the most trusted brands in the country with high brand love scores. Clever Kash is the perfect expression of this – ASB’s technological smarts meeting with an instinctive, human approach.

Touch points

Micro site, ASB main website, ASB mobile banking app, in-branch, digital media, search, social media, blog, customer EDM and notifications, at event, ASB intranet.

Materials, style elements, design choices

The design of both the Clever Kash device and mobile app experience were both user tested with parents and children. The original device was tested in three different designs and two different colours to come up with the final design which was then further iterated through production. See confidential section for more details on materials. In terms of the app, we conducted intensive user experience testing to ensure the app and device were both simple, fun and easy to use.


• Registration of Interest launch September 2015

• First soft launch of 1,050 beta units January 2016

• Mass launch nationwide September 2016.


• Business objective of 10,000 registrations of interest met within 5 days. Currently at 38,000.

• ASB’s Brand love scores reached all time high of 93 as a direct result of Clever Kash, contributing to 9% growth in performance (last 6 months).

• Interested customers were highly engaged. Emails had open rates of 48 and 64%. (ASB benchmark 30-35%).

• Featured in all NZ national, primetime news shows, national newspapers and online media plus international coverage from NBC News, Fast Company, Re/Code, The Financial Brand (shared over 600+ times), trend forecasting sites and more. Estimated 10m+ media impressions.

• Contact from 10+ global banks/financial institutions interested in licensing the technology.

• Over 1,100 shares of facebook post, 1,400 comments and 10,000 likes. Video post viewed over 278,000 times. Over 120,00 YouTube views. Over 98,000 minutes of content watched.

• Early customer feedback from pilot shows evidence of behavior change – more regular savings and more conversations about money.

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