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CLINIQUE, New York / CLINIQUE / 2019

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Situation: Clinique was preparing to launch their newest innovation and first customized hydration system, Clinique iD™.

Brief: Animate the key message of Clinique iD™, customize don’t compromise, through unparalleled experiences allowing consumers to experience the world through Clinique’s eyes with color, benefit, ingredient, and location as storytelling cues. Partner with global influencers to create engaging, real-time social content that tells a story of self and product discovery. Demonstrate a variety of skin concerns through diverse influencers, highlighting individual combinations and the full Clinique iD™ hydration system.


•Reveal Clinique iD™ to consumers through a unified social global launch

•Leverage diverse global influencers to tease and build awareness leading up to Clinique iD™ .com launch at scale

•Identify top performing organic content to put paid media behind post-activation

•Create a visually compelling activation, inspiring influencers to post above contract

•Build awareness for Clinique Travel Retail through journey kick-off and virtual reality


How far would you go to find your Clinique iD™? We created a global content relay race to tease Clinique’s newest innovation and first customized hydration system, Clinique iD™. We enlisted 48 influencers from 14 markets for a journey of discovery - #FindMyiD. The 5 destinations aligned with product benefits of the Active Cartridge Concentrates (ACC), including fatigue (Morocco), lines + wrinkles (Spain), irritation (Bali), uneven skin texture (Iceland), uneven skin tone (Japan), while tying to the color + ingredients of each. As content was posted on social in real-time, each destination revealed a new way to customize Clinique iD™, totaling 15 combinations.

The story began at airport counters, with consultations to identify influencer’s bases and primary skin concerns. This revealed their destination on their journey to #FindMyiD where they discovered benefits of their ACC. Each destination was unlocked in secession, with transitions to tease the next destination and ACC.


Insight: 68% of women haven’t found the right moisturizer. It can take up to 2 years and 5 trials to find the perfect match.

Key Message: Customize don’t compromise - #FindMyiD

Target Audience: Reach a new audience of Mature Millennial consumers through 48 Global influencers

Creation and Distribution of assets: Create mobile-first content for real-time authentic content/posting. Incorporate editing, selects and retouching onsite into schedule. Scheduled content releases to 42 markets globally for participation.


Implementation: Create mobile-first content for real-time authentic content/posting. Incorporate editing, selects and retouching onsite into schedule. All content was mapped out pre-activation, while on-site team captured and edited in real-time, delivering retouched 360 assets to markets for a concerted global launch moment.

Timeline: 5 global events in 5 countries (Morocco, Spain, Bali, Iceland, Japan) in secession over 12 days in the two weeks leading up to the .com launch of Clinique iD.

Placement: Real-time, organic social content across Clinique global, Clinique local market, and 48 influencer Instagram accounts. All content included #FindMyiD for tracking.

Scale: Influencers had a combined following of 225M+, accounting for +1.46B potential impressions





• Created virtual reality content for 20 experiences across Clinique Travel Retail counters globally + activated 14 airport counters during activation


• Influencer content had an average Engagement Rate +412% above benchmark

• Top performing assets selected for re-support had an average Engagement Rate +951% above benchmark

• Influencers overperformed posting 254% above contract

• Market Participation: 100% of Launch Markets

• 2,536 total posts created

• 85% positive sentiment, with fans noting their excitement, intent to purchase, and praise for diversity.

Achievement against Business Targets:

• First time driving to retailers with dedicated content.

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