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Coal from past fires

Y&R, Montevideo / BSE (STATE INSURANCE BANK) / 2018

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To generate awareness when handling fire, we create a product: coal from past fires. We went to three forests that had burned recently, we collected the coal produced and we pocketed it.

In this way we take the message to the place where the problem originates. If you use the fire with caution you can avoid another forest end up transformed into a bag of coal.


We produced three batches of coal bags, each with coal from a different fire. The bags specified the date and place of the fire in question. In addition to the classic instructions on how to light a fire correctly, a second set of instructions was also included indicating how to put out the fire correctly. The bag also included the firefighter contact number for emergencies.

We sent the bags to influencers who shared their image on social networks. We also sent them to the press that generated news around the action. The action was also communicated through a video on Facebook.


The product created news.

During the season firefighters intervened between 600 and 700 times, about 2000 interventions less than the previous year.

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