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Coke brings two teenagers together on a summer day at an amusement park. Here's to falling.


Our media team quickly dismissed the idea of standard operating procedure with the outdoor companies. Extensions of existing boards would cost a fortune and box the execution into standard – and therefore boring – parameters.

Instead, we ditched the middleman for a more guerrilla approach to outdoor. We took our cue from people sneaking up to “photobomb” other people’s pictures. Armed with red balloons reading “Tastes better with Coca-Cola,” we snuck up on existing food boards to create the world’s first Billboard Bombs.

The placement of our cheeky balloons peeking out over billboards added a multi-dimensional element that managed to perfectly communicate the Coke and Food message at peak times for commuters making mealtime decisions. Also, our small guerilla teams had maximum flexibility in timing and location activation. Traffic jam at Lincoln and Main at 2pm? Deploy the Coke balloon. Detour on I-65 during rush hour? Deploy the Coke balloon.


But the stunt didn't just catch the eye of passing motorists. McDonald’s loved the idea of drawing attention to their billboards with our Coke and Food message so much, they invited us to Billboard Bomb their entire $84,000,000 North American outdoor buy. All for the price of a few balloons.

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