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ISOBAR, Melbourne / GENERAL MOTORS / 2016

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Our idea combined virtual reality with a multi-sensory installation to give people a test-drive experience they would remember for a lifetime. We created CoDriver, the world’s first large-scale virtual reality test drive.

Passengers would sit in the GM car they want and enjoy unforgettable and realistic drives through locations such as Dubai, New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand with different trims and unique features with a heads up 3D display overlay on the physical car, enabling customer catered experiences. To truly convey a realistic experience, we needed custom-built equipment and technology to stimulate sight, sound and touch for a truly immersive driving experience.

With this technology, GM can extend their customer reach through their network as they redevelop the dealership experience globally.


To create the ultimate experience, we created rich storylines that traversed some of the most spectacular landscapes from around the world. First, a Chevrolet Colorado rumbled through the mountains of New Zealand’s South Island. Next, a Holden Captiva carved down the Great Ocean Road and then a GMC Sierra raced a falcon through rolling sand dunes in the United Arab Emirates.

To give the user the most immersive experience and really make them feel like they were being transported to the most visually stunning locations around the world we shot it all with a 3D-printed GoPro sphere mount in 12K resolution and 360-degree footage. It was then rendered through a Unity 3D engine and combined with advanced audio equipment to capture atmosphere and vehicle feedback to give them the all enveloping physical experience.

By creating stories that transported individuals to incredible landscapes and made them forget they were even using the CoDriver headset, we reinvented the traditional test-drive and gave cars the chance to show their true potential. Impossible for a test drive around suburbia or at a motor show.


- CoDriver has launched in seven markets – Australia, Thailand, UAE, Indonesia, Vietnam, New Zealand and Singapore

- CoDriver became a global platform leading GM to redesign their dealership experience world-wide

- Received over $1.2 million worth of earned media in technology and auto publications globally

- Social conversation generated from the Motorshow reached 40,000 people

and generated almost 1,000 videos of the experience to Facebook

- In negotiations to roll it out across dealerships in the US as well as several markets in Asia-Pacific

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