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Small-scale gatherings/carnivals had begun to take place but brands were reluctant to support large-scale events because of security/logistical challenges. Pakistan suffered due to political+security unrest leaving consumers deprived of any form of public-entertainment.


Strengthen brand-position on its core-pillars; food&music while changing consumer perception to attend public events.

Strengthen brand-position on the core passion-points; food&music while enabling consumers to enjoy a holistic experience.

In a country where security concerns are the foremost concerns of all consumers precluding any large scale events, we exhaustively planned around security+safety, collaborating with multiple agencies, municipal councils and security forces resulted in a breakthrough with the government finally sanctioning the event. This was a game-changer for the entertainment-starved audience making it the most-awaited event in Pakistan.


• Curate the perfect consumer-experience to enjoy food&music with Coca-Cola

• Brand-Love-Score growth

• Drive positive-brand-recall and make the festival an asset for Coca-Cola.

• Minimum 75,000+


The Idea: Creating a platform that is sustainable and brings together Pakistan's best in Food and Music under one umbrella.

The Challenge: With growing competition within the food and music Landscape Coca-Cola needed to innovate in order to stay ahead of the curve

The Insight: Consumers being deprived of local entertainment; ##cokefest was just the right idea to combine what all Pakistanis greatly endear; Food & Music.

The Creative Strategy: Amalgamating the biggest food and music platforms (Foodies R Us & Coke Studio) in order to create a spellbinding on-ground experience in a series of weekend events across the country.

Bringing The Idea To Life: Bringing all the partners on board including: sponsors, food entrepreneurs and artists while driving a 360-degree marketing campaign.

Experience: Giving audiences an unmatched public event where consumers experience the best in food, music and corporate brands


COKEFEST brings the brand purpose to life. Coca-Cola is a delicious swig of optimism that brings people together, and there is no event better than #cokefest where consumers can have the opportunity to have collective euphoria with their families and friends. The entire idea of #cokefest stems directly from the brand-essence. Knowing that our core TG this a platform is where the habit of social media consumption and content creation comes to life.

The approach included partnering with a telecom leader, Vimpelcom (AKA Jazz), ensuring seamless connectivity on ground to facilitate a plethora of digital-moments. A 360° creative marketing campaign including massive on-ground PR with influencers, celebrities and bloggers facilitated targeting the top-middle strata for a families-only event. Offering a one of a kind experience to the consumers for a nominal entrance fee while generating 3 more-than-modest revenue streams (sponsors-stall bookings-tickets) for the brand made it a win-win for all.


Appropriate venue that could host our audience, versatile and numerous cuisines, bigger performances, 300 security personnel, 60+ bouncers, efficient traffic management, parking management for 10,000 vehicles, effective waste management.

120+ foodstalls/event with 60% startups

100ft-wide stage with state-of-the-art light and sound.

Bringing the best food-vendors and ensure proper Hygiene

Security-RFID mandatory for all the vendors

Kept the event wheelchair-friendly and deployed separate entry/exit points.

Mandatory for all the food stalls to donate their surplus food to the underprivileged: Robin Hood Army and Rizq


7 mega events in 7 months


Social Media - extensive Ad-Spend, creative-content:

Radio+Television Partnerships. PR-Partnerships having tier 1 & 2 Vloggers and bloggers.

Biggest Food-Blogs were brought on board

The Best in Music : Top artists from Coke Studio and Internatonal-performances


OVER 500+ Attendance in all 7 events and over 1.3 Mil Impressions on Digital


The results significantly increased the platforms business in-terms of revenue and brand-equity making it the sole-leader of public-festivals in Pakistan while making the brand reach out to millions in terms of experience and TOM recall

Footfall Recorded: 500,000 (increased by 36% Vs. LY)

Food-Vendors: 800+ (37.5% increase vs LY)

Food start-ups: 390+ (46.1% increase vs LY)

Brand-Love-score : Increased

Recruitment of the right TG : Increased

Tier A - Artists performances (jumped from 26 in season 1 to 72+ in SEASON 2)

Digital-Impressions: 13,250,000 (33.7% increase vs LY)

Online-features and Print: 870+ (35.6% increase vs LY)

Bloggers engaged: 1290+ (approx. 60% increase vs LY)

Food saved: 26000+ people (increased by 22.3% vs LY)

Coca-Cola consumption: 214, 000

Share-A-coke (creating customized coke can labels): 12000(Season 2 initiative)

Partnership with USAID in order to promote food startups. (Season-2 initiative)

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