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THE MARTIN AGENCY, Richmond / OREO / 2016

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The platform for OREO has always been about tapping into the childlike wonder that adults have seemingly lost due to the busy-ness of their everyday lives. Colorfilled leverages wonder by capitalizing on the trend of adult coloring books and consumers’ desires for custom experiences.

So for the first time ever, we let OREO fans customize the OREO pack. Imbuing it with wonder, color and their own personal touch. Turning the functional pack into a one of one piece of art. Filling the holidays with color.


We created a simple, yet immensely interactive web execution that allowed our fans to easily navigate through the coloring, customization and buying experience. The streamlined UI coupled with quirky music and sound design motivated our fans to not only buy the product, but kept them interested to return and share the site with friends.

Fans chose illustrations generated by world renowned illustrators Jeremyville and Timothy Goodman. They both created large scale illustrations that users could drag and zoom into to select for their individual packs.

We not only solved the design of the actual site, we also partnered with HP to deploy an innovative printing process that turned fans’ custom creations into real live packages.

Then we partnered with CPG to ship the individual packs. With all of these partners and logistics, we still were able to fulfill these unique orders almost instantaneously. Making Colorfilled a Christmas miracle.  


Compared against industry benchmarks, Colorfilled was incredibly successful. In just two months, there were 501,109 visits with a bounce rate of 1.2%, compared to the benchmark of 39%. The add to cart rate was 25.06%, compared to the benchmark of 9.92%, while the cart abandon rate was 16.24%, compared to the benchmark of 76%.

Our average session time was just under four minutes, a triumph considering the culture’s shrinking attention span.

Overall, we had 50.6 million impressions on Facebook, 11.5 million on Instagram and 25 million on Twitter.

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