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Rolling Wonder

BUCK, New York / OREO / 2016

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In the narrative, we are transported into a groovy CG world that allows the viewer to open up their inner and outer selves by shedding any social or psychological inhibitions. A roller skating rink compels you to leave your shoes in a bin and store it along with all of your baggage, thrusting yourself into a rink full of people having a blast. It doesn’t matter how old or where you’re from, you adapt to a room of people having fun all together, all doing something quite silly, fun, and unexpected.


We felt that CG animation lends itself well to allow the viewer to be transported into a believable cartoon world. The setting played an important narrative element in our story, and it was crucial that the energy, vibe, texture of this world came across in the frame. We were looking for a way to capitalize on the warmth and energy of the roller skating environment, and for a way to feature these eccentric characters in all of their glory.

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