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The Oreo Offering

THE COMMUNITY, Miami / OREO / 2022

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As a brand, OREO is all about being playful. And not just in general, but with fans and in culture. With The OREO Offering, we had a brief that was meant to continue finding culturally interesting moments and using them for fans to connect with the brand and have some fun.

So, when Congress hid an article in the COVID-19 relief bill requiring the Pentagon to declassify everything they knew about UFOs by June 27, 2021, we knew we’d found our moment. OREO has one mission in this world—to bring and keep people together, no matter their differences. With this new extraterrestrial information, our mission got bigger: bringing all lifeforms together.


OREO is all about being playful, and its mission is to bring people together.

So when in December 2020 Congress asked the Pentagon to declassify what they knew about UFOs, OREO's mission got bigger: bringing all lifeforms together.

We wanted to extend an olive branch to extraterrestrials, and there’s only one thing everyone in this world agrees on: OREOs.

We created an offering for aliens inside a 3-acre crop circle along the Paranormal Highway in Kansas. The contents of the OREO offering were selected by fans, who voted on Twitter for the best OREO, the perfect milk, and their favorite room to eat cookies. Together with the help of OREO fans, we made the perfect offering, in real-time.


Our strategy was to invite fans on social media to engage and have a real impact on the idea that was happening in the outside world.

So we gathered real-time data from OREO's 5 million Twitter followers and used it to build the Offering within the crop circle. The campaign was all about inviting OREO fans into the idea, and there’s no better place than social media to have a real-time, days-long conversation. Our target audience was OREO fans—all of them. Plus lovers of extraterrestrial and those following the Pentagon report news.


We built the Offering in real-time alongside fans on Twitter, asking OREO’s 5 million followers to vote, and using the data from those polls to decide the final Offering. The polls asked what type of cookie (Original, Double Stuf, Golden, or Thins); what type of milk (whole, oat, or almond); and the best place to eat an OREO (dining room, living room, or bedroom). With every possible scenario ready to go, we left it up to Twitter. Each poll stayed up for one hour and after the poll, a video revealed the fan-chosen details of the final offering—Double Stuf cookies with whole milk, offered in a bedroom—all in our three-acre crop circle in Kansas made by Stan Herd, a world renowned crop artist. From a real OREO truck driving in our film, to brand banter through the experience, we went all in.


The goal was to get fans involved, stay playful, and continue to lean into cultural moments. This campaign hit on all of those objectives by getting OREO fans to participate in the making of the Offering.

In the end, we had 1 billion impressions, 2.3 million video views, 290 K+ total engagements, and 413 media placements. We also engaged with over 105+ fans and brands in real-time and had limited edition packaging that was sold out in 2 hours.

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