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OREO x Lady Gaga

THE MARTIN AGENCY, Richmond / OREO / 2021

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We tapped into the fandoms and iconic natures of OREO and Lady Gaga to create the first-ever artist-inspired cookie and pack. The pack and limited-edition cookie needed to be something that everyone would want to buy as well as items that Lady Gaga and OREO superfans would lust over. The pack and cookie had to beg to be shared on social and needed to be designed to create conversation. We had to keep in mind the technical requirements of both the pack and the cookie. For the pack, we ensured all legal requirements were included in the design without detracting from it. We had to be thoughtful about how we approached the embossment on the cookie, knowing that we couldn’t go into too much detail without compromising the structural integrity of the cookie. We wanted this pack to break records, drive more sales and conversation with fans and the public.


We needed a killer pack and a custom cookie that wouldn’t just sell, but would rock the cookie aisles. Our goal was to make a final product as unique as the partnership. So the design needed to reflect the values of both icons — combining the playfulness of OREO with the rich, bold universe of Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” in a simple, iconic way.


We tapped into the super fandom of Lady Gaga and OREO to reach our audiences, but we knew that we needed to appeal to the masses (we are America’s favorite cookie after all) so we made sure to create something that was irresistible for all — that’s where we combined the playfulness of OREO with the cultural power of Lady Gaga — to create something that the world had never seen before and would immediately lust after.


First, we developed the pink color to make the pack unapologetically stand out against the crowd. We used a special material treatment so Lady Gaga’s name could really pop, and applied a never-before-seen rip graphic to allow consumers a glimpse at the unique pink wafer with green creme cookie. We created three unique embossments inspired by the “Chromatica” icons that were carefully crafted to keep the quality of the cookies intact.


The packs had $3.9MM total consumption in the first full week which exceeded sales expectations, overdelivering by 277%. We also had 33,744 $/TDP velocity in the first full week, 100% shipment allocation, and 410 million earned media impressions.

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